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Team 1138 has put in hard work after the 2016 FRC game reveal for Stronghold which came out on January 9th. Our team has started to strategize, design, and prototype for the challenge presented to us. Currently we have different sub-teams designing and prototyping all of the different ideas that we've had. In order to be able to prototype, the design must meet the criteria that was discussed and decided on for the game.

1138's VEX teams A, B, and G are working hard this year. All teams have a tournament win and teams A and B are now prepping for California State Championships, which is Saturday March 5th.

Congratulations to team 1138 A for winning the Excellence Award and 1138 B for being Tournament Champions twice, and last but certainly not least, for 1138 G for not leaving a single tournament without an award. Both A and G team are in the top ten for submitted videos, which could automatically enter them into Worlds. Keep up the hard work!

Working on VEX Forming 1138G

Team 1138 G has had a very exciting beginning to their VEX career! The idea of this team was truly kick-started at last year's VEX Worlds, and from there the team has worked hard to get where they are today.

They have received the Judges award, two Design awards, two Sportsmanship awards and Tournament Champion at the tournaments that they have attended. Needless to say, the girls are very excited to see their hard work paying off!