Team 83 (Chaminade Middle School) gets inducted into the Hall of Fame

A Little History:

Team 1138 was one of the original 50 VEX teams started in 2005. From the beginning, we have been mentoring and helping to start robotics teams at many different schools around the country. Our main goal is to get science, technology, and engineering in the minds of young people, so that they may really get into engineering as a career option in the future. Our reach has even reached out to different countries such as England, Azerbaijan, Japan, and Ireland. We also do many service projects, like when we sent laptops to Tanzania and donated over 100 school books to Micronesia. Team 1138 is both gracious and professional as “we build for a better tomorrow”.

More about us:

We currently have three teams, team 1138A, 1138B, and 1138G.  In 2015 we started team 1138G, which is an all girls team.  We created this team in hopes that girls would feel more inclined and more comfortable with participating in robotics.  At Chaminade we have two classes dedicated to VEX Robotics.  We have Introduction to Autonomous Robotics which teaches students how to use RobotC to program and Advanced Robotics for members of the team.  No experience is required to join.

Quick Facts

  • We are one of the original 50 VEX teams started in 2005
  • We were originally team number 47, then team 84 and later team 85 before 1138.
  • We have started 78 other robotics teams, both locally and internationally.
  • Places Traveled: New Zealand, Japan, England, Hawaii, Dallas, San Diego, and Ireland as of 2013

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