Well, its week 2 of Build Season now, and we've gotten our prototypes finished. Our six-wheel drive base will be able to outrun any robot on the field, our minibot looks like a starfighter, and our arm design is pretty crazy. We're working til 8 just to show how dedicated we are to robotics. Its lots of fun, parents always bring delicious dinners for the team. Well, that's all for now, 'til next time!

Hey guys, its FRC kickoff, and you know what THAT means!!!

Build Season is underway, and with this year's game: Logomotion, team 1138 is pumping out ideas by the dozens. We have already started to CAD our ideas to see if they will work. Better get going, competition is looking mean. Good luck!

Logomotion video: FRC Logomotion video


Well, its been a while since our last post, so I'll summarize what's happened so far. Our VEX team has qualified 4 times for the VEX World Championship in Orlando, Florida, with 2 Driver Skills awards and 2 Excellence awards. We also got our hang to work, and it is a monster. On September 27, the VEX team travelled to New Zealand for a week and competed against 36 other New Zealand teams at Massey University. It was such an incredible experience, the scenery is just spectacular. As Christmas Break comes to an end, the folks on the VEX team are temporarily putting down their VEX parts in order to prepare for the “hardest fun” of all time: FRC Build Season. We hope to see you at worlds, and happy new year!


We're back in school, and ready to go! VEX team 1138 Eagle Engineering is ready to go. We're all set to go for the new year, we've gotten a head start on prototyping, due to our efforts over the summer. This year, we have gotten EIGHTEEN new members! All our new members are itching to compete, and are working vigorously to complete our robots to get in some practice. With all our members, we are looking forward to competing with everyone else. See you at our first competition!



Hey guys! We're back from our 12 day trip in Hawaii. We went to the islands of Oahu, Maui, and Kauai in order to spread the word about FIRST robotics, the VEX program, and engineering! We also did exciting activities like snorkeling in Hanauma Bay, and kayaking over to the Flat Island off of Oahu. People got sunburned here and there, but we still managed to have fun overall. I will upload pictures later, once we get everything sorted out and given to the people on the trip. Have a great summer, and get a head start on next year's game, Roundup, we've already seen some teams with a fully working robot that's ready to work!


Welcome to the new blog for VEX Team 1138!

Team 1138 has worked hard this season with coming up with its final robot. It has gotten a major makeover from its original model, which featured a box with conveyor belts on it that would lift in order to gather footballs and green balls. Now, its a lean, not exactly green, scoring machine. No details yet, but you'll get your first-hand look at this monster on February 20, down at One Marketplace, San Diego. Be sure to be there!
We are proud to announce that we will be competing in the San Diego VEX regional competition, being held on
February 20, 2010 at One Marketplace, San Diego.