Well, after spending the entire week of Spring Break completely rebuilding 1138B, we took it to the World Championship in the Anaheim Convention Center on Wednesday. Divided in to 4 divisions named for STEM, 400 high school teams competed for the title of “World Champion”. We were placed in the “Science” division
Phew, just came back from the competition at Cal Poly SLO. We did pretty well, scoring high in skills challenges and performing well in qualifiers, placing us in the 6th seated alliance. We formed an alliance with Team 21: The Spurflies and 563. Unfortunately, we lost to the 3rd seated alliance of 404D, 404E, and another team (I can't remember at the moment). We won the Judges Award though, and we got fudge on the way back. Also, Nathan and I are tied for wins/losses against each other in FF Dissidia: Duodecim.

Hi guys! A few weeks ago, Teams 1138, 1138B, and a team from Stevenage, England competed in the VEX LA Regional at CSUN. Together, they competed against fierce Division 2 competition against teams like 1437 and 8888. They made it all the way to division semi-finals, and knocked out teams 599D, A, and 21C, while on the other side, 1437 knocked out all the ElCo bots from 404. In the finals, we went head to head against 1437, and ultimately lost. It was a bummer, but we still had lots of fun at the after party.

Yesterday was amazing! We competed at Granada Hills and both of our teams made it into quarterfinals and B even into the semifinals. But that is not the exciting part. B earned a place at World's by earning the design award. We are going to Anaheim! We still need to do a lot of work on both though for CSUN and of course World's.

Hope everyone's having a good summer, but I wanted to let everyone know the new job positions for the 2011-2012(oooh, scaaaary) robotics season have been posted/updated. I won't post it here since you can all just click under the Team Leaders tab, but congratulations to all the new leaders, and good luck!

Eh, REALLY late in posting this, but here goes. We were assigned the Engineering division, which had star teams like Technapwn and 2921: Free Range Robotics from New Zealand. Go figure, they implement this new 'orange cable' and causes us to not work for 7 matches in a row. Low and behold, on our last match, we take it out and our robot works. How depressing is that? We got picked and lost in the quarterfinals because our robot didn't work again, this time, due to a programing fail. On the bright side, we won the Engineering Division Excellence Award. Also, check out the new game: VEX Gateway.

Its been a week since we competed in the St. Louis FIRST Championship event. It was awesome, there were schools offering scholarships, sponsor companies, and of course, tons of teams. We did okay, 5/5, but it was still awesome. 254: The Cheesy Poofs from Bellermine College Prep down in San Jose won the championship along with Team 111 and 973. Looking forward to next year!

The posts have been far and quite between, so I'll cut to the chase. Two weeks ago, we competed with our FRC robot dubbed 'Ahead of Schedule' in the Long Beach FRC regional…and won the Chairman's Award! I knew all those service and outreach projects would pay off!

Well, the VEX team assigned to the drive train system for our FRC robot has some down-time, so we're shooting videos for the online challenges. Watch out for Michael Amoun's expert scouting tips, and our promo video, which I'll be posting here for everybody to see. Hope to see you guys at Worlds!

Hey guys, its FRC Build Season, so activity has kind of slowed down so that we could work on all the separate tasks. However, we are still working to complete the 7 VEX online challenges. We just need to submit the VEX essay, and render the game animation, but we still need to film shots for the videos. To all FRC teams out there, good luck, and for all the VEX teams still trying to qualify to go to Worlds, good luck as well!

I’ve been sick for a while, but here’s an update on what we accomplished last week: We FINALLY decided the kind of lift and arm we wanted to use on the robot, so we are now just waiting for parts to come in. Our programming team has also finished their gyro PID. Finally, we’ve finished most of the CADing, and found some errors in our designs, but we worked around them. In recent news, we sent a team of students down to do a presentation on Sunday for a Chinese New Year event. They say that despite the rain, we were the only team to be able to present during Build Season, and because of that, we are getting a sponsorship from Raytheon for $1000!!! Also, our animation team is better than ever, we’ve finished LOADS of modeling and texturing is almost done, so we’re ready to animate now. Good luck!