Week 4

This week we have been working on finishing our drive bases.  We sent our competition base to be anodized and have finally gotten it back and have been working on assembling it. Our programming team has been working on the drive base programming and the sensors for our robot.  Team 1138 would like to give a big thanks to our sponsors who have played a big part in our team moving forward so efficiently with our base.  We are right on track with our schedule and have been making all of our deadlines.


This is a playlist for a series of videos made to educate the new VEX Robotics team in Micronesia.

Learn Robotics at Our Summer Workshop!

July 20th through 25th, Eagle Engineering will be conducting a cool summer workshop for kids 5th grade and up as part of Chaminade’s Center for Excellence summer program. This all-day camp is cram packed with fun robot building and exciting head-t0-head robot competition. To learn more visit here and look for “Intermediate Vex Robotics for Competition” in week six.

Eagle Engineering Wants YOU!

Just because we are Chaminade’s award-winning robotics team doesn’t mean that’s all we do. There’s a place on our team for you to grow in whatever your interest may be; from engineering and programming to executive management, business, graphic design, creative writing, filmmaking and spirit. If it’s part of a real-world business then we can probably help grow, learn and have fun with it.

If you have a password, you can apply for membership right here

Eagle Engineering Supports College Bound Foster Kids

Join us for our second annual dorm kit drive in support of United Friends of the Children’s College Sponsorship Program. This school-wide service project is aimed at collecting dorm room essentials for students leaving the foster-care system to start a new life in college.

New Year-New Team. Join us!

Research shows that employers consider practical experience one of the most highly sought-after traits in a job candidate. But how do you get professional work experience without a profession? The answer for you could be Eagle Engineering, Chaminade’s award-winning robotics team. It is a “learning laboratory” for all facets of business, mentored by working pros from a variety of fields. You can enjoy the teamwork and fun of a sports team while learning valuable skills from the real-life challenges of working in a design and manufacturing firm. The team is seeking new students interested in engineering and programming of course, but we are also in great need of students interested in entrepreneurship, corporate communications, animation, video and graphic design, as well as business management. New member orientation is scheduled for Tuesday, August 19th in the Bob Hope Center 3:15 to 5:30.

For more information, please email tsmeltzer[at]chaminade.org and help us “Build for a Better Tomorrow.”

The Excitement of Competition

3D Printer Cabinet

3D Printer

3D Printer Cabinet

3D Printer Cabinet

We finally have our new 3D printer up and running on a daily basis.  From fun things like whistles and monogrammed soda can holders to useful parts such as encoder and motor mounts, we have been running it around the clock to keep up with the demand.  Being especially useful for hex shaft parts, we can print just about anything within a couple of hours’ time.

The printer is an original Prusa Mendel with an Arduino and RAMPS board running the Merlin firmware that we purchased as a kit 3 years ago but never had the time to assemble.  We use Sli3r and Pronterface to generate the G-code that gets sent to the Arduino which in turn controlls the stepper motors through the RAMPS board.  The main issue is dealing with the part shrinkage, but after 1 test part we can usually get the tolerances within an acceptable range.  My personal favorite part though is that it’s one of the few tools you don’t need to put away at night!  Special thanks to Ray Mitchell, one of our mentors for helping us get this going.

News Update

Today the drive teams for 1138, 1138b and 83 met at CHAMPS charter high school to scrimmage with the Spurfly teams. The new robots are performing very well and the drive teams got some much-needed practice against other robots. Tomorrow we need people to help out with more preparations, getting our travel items organized, and helping with repairs and modifications. We also need the same efforts to be placed on prep for FRC since we will only have a couple of days in between Vex Worlds and FRC Nationals.

Where’s Waldo (Annual Team Photo)

Team-Photo-Taking.jpgWe called everybody in for the annual team photo yesterday. I hope that it’ll look nice after all that trouble!  We also had a surprise guest.  Our previous moderator and mentor, Nancy McIntyre, stopped in to have dinner with us and visit the team.  Can you see her in the proof on the right? (Click to Enlarge) While you’re at it, how many people do you know on the team?

Shots Fired

Today we got the first flying disks shot into the high goal. The shooter was falling apart and sounded like a dying cat, but eventually with a little bit of eagle engineering and a lot grease it should work in the end.  The concept is functioning and we look forward to a great year.  The powder coating also looks AWESOME!!!