FRC Beach Blitz – Nov 4-6

Location: Capistrano Valley High School  26301 Via Escolar, Mission Viejo, CA, 92692

We get one last chance to compete with our FRC Robot in an off-season, just-for-fun event in Mission Viejo. Even though it is just over an hour away, we will have a jam-packed schedule, so we are traveling by bus on Friday and staying in a hotel Friday and Saturday, then returning after the event ends on Sunday.

THIS IS A VARSITY-ONLY EVENT – Students must earn varsity status in the October 8th evaluation in order to travel with the team. If you do not have a clear path to 910 varsity points by this date, then do not select this event.


Any student who cannot do the entire agenda may attend individual days as a commuter only if a parent drives them and takes exclusive responsibility for them throughout the entire day. For security reasons, we insist that any student not on the full team agenda not stay in the team hotel, even with a parent.

The total cost is TBD and will include hotel, ground transportation, and any group activities scheduled. Students will need to bring spending money for meals and souvenirs.  (Right now we’re estimating the all-inclusive total cost to be around $450).

Students will travel by bus and have an assigned roommate in a double-queen room. Alternatively, students may share a room with a parent as long as the parent is present for the entirety of both nights.

Parents may travel separately, or may pay to travel on the team bus, but only if they are fully vetted as a Chaminade volunteer.

We will likely have an-early out from school at around 1:30 on Friday and will return to Chaminade on Sunday evening around 7:30 PM.

Students are responsible for informing their teachers of any absence and must arrange to make up any missed work.

 Vex Victory in the Valley – Reseda High School – Nov 5th

This is a State-Championship-qualifying Vex Tournament hosted by Reseda High School. We have three teams registered. Students should confirm which teams are planning to compete before signing up for this event. If your team is not scheduled, you may still attend by transferring to a competing team, temporarily or permanently, pending approval.

It will go from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM and costs are estimated at $15-$20 for lunch and snacks. Families are responsible for transportation to and from this event.

We need a cleared volunteer to be the adult supervisor on duty (no robotics experience required). Please let us know if you can help on this day.

Because of all the events going on this weekend, we are relaxing varsity rules, which means that junior-varsity team members may drive, coach, and/or participate fully at this event. Also, we are awarding extra points for this day and making them retroactive to the November 4th varsity evaluation. So this is a great way to help the team and make varsity if you haven’t already by this point.

Chaminade Open House – West Hills Campus – Nov 6

This is an important obligation the team has to our admissions office. We need students to run our booth at the open house event – talking to prospective families, answering questions, showing off our robots and team displays and managing setup and breakdown.

Cleared volunteers are also needed for this event.

11:30 AM setup – 4:00 breakdown

Because this is such an important event, we are awarding extra points for this day and making the points retroactive to the November 4th varsity evaluation. So this is a great way to help the team and make varsity if you haven’t already by this point.


Student Scheduling Link

Parent Link for the Team Calendar

The Eagle Engineering Consent and Release form. This is mandatory for all students before participating in robotics team activities. If you have any changes to your medical insurance or health information, please re-submit this link and email Tommy to let him know.

Team Payments Link. You may use this link to pay any team fees or purchases online. Please be sure to include a description of the payment in the online form.

Vex Robotics Consent and release form – This form is necessary for participation in an Vex Robotics tournament or event. Be sure to select “VRC” for program and team number 1138[letter] You may need to ask your child which team letter to use.

Off-Campus Release Form – This is a blanket release for every off-campus event we could think of. You can select all events or just approve individual events for approval. Hopefully this form saves us from sending out lots of other forms to sign.

Volunteer Driver Form – You need this form to be submitted to and approved by the business office in order to participate in team carpools.

Student Driver Consent Form – A parent must complete this form in order for their child to drive to an event, drive others to an event or be driven to an event by another student.

Team Attire

Regular Meetings / Open Shop  Casual, appropriate attire with closed-toed shoes.

For Events

  • CLOSED TOED SHOES ARE MANDATORY Please be sure to wear shoes that protect your whole feet. No flip-flops, sandals or bare feet
  • Black Tactical Pants (Click here for an example on Amazon or, in a pinch, you can get by with black cargo pants from Target)
  • Safety Goggles (Click here for an example on Amazon – you can get ones that fit over glasses here)
  • Team Jersey All team members will be given one Team Jersey.  You can buy more Jerseys (they get sweaty at multi-day events)

Fun Apparel – Look for emails with links to purchase