Build Season

The team is discussing robot design ideas for this years FRC game “Stronghold”

In January of every year, FIRST releases information about the year’s new FRC competition. All teams are given six weeks to successfully build a robot that can compete in the year’s game. In order to successfully manage the team, mentors help guide the team through a process to emulate the professional engineer environment.

After receiving the information of the current year’s game and the kit of parts provided by FIRST, the team assesses the tasks presented with brainstorming sessions and experimentation with game pieces. By experimenting with game pieces, the team gets a better understanding of the year’s game. With the information gained from these meetings, the team organizes information to help plan and design the robot.

Once finished with design, the team splits into different sub group in order to effectively distribute a work force to accomplish all tasks given by FIRST. The sub groups are the following: arms and lifts, chassis, electronics and programming, business plan, chairman’s award, YouTube, and animation. After the team divides, all members on mechanical sub groups work to produce a prototype. When the prototype is finally completed, it is finalized and the finished design is put into CAD. Then the team orders parts and works together to produce a working robot.

Our philosophy going into every year is to have set deadlines and structure to keep the team progressing.

Launch Day Schedule

  • Game Reveal Video
  • Rules Groups
    • Quick read through, nothing too thorough
  • Rules Presentation
    • Explain how this works
    • Requirements and Restrictions
    • Do a few examples
  • Small Break
  • What not How
    • Explain how it works and the criteria
    • Make a list of “Whats” for the game
  • Small Subgroup Meeting of “Hows”
    • Come up with a couple designs
  • Discuss and Filter “Hows”
  • Break
  • Explain what happens during the rest of the day
    • Integration
    • Prototyping
    • Robot idea teams (prototyping teams)